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Best of BE FESTIVAL Workshops

Tuesday 26th March, 2pm and 4pm


20 places are available for each workshop.


Workshop 1


Authentic deception, methods for foregrounding deception in performance making – by Tom Cassani
 Workshop participants will acquire an introduction to the different ways in which deception can be used in the search for a presence and authenticity in the performance. We will work from different types of lies, truths and false actions in a process of creation and as experiments. We will use deception to achieve a specific type of stage presence when performing the actions on stage. We will investigate the presence in relation to the public and the different ways in which attention can be manipulated. Tom will analyse with the participants how dividing our presence in a scene allows us to deceive with the use of minimal physical tricks.

Workshop 2


Open form, sweat and fun times – by Marc Oosterhoff

This workshop will approach movement through expressive dancing. We will focus on body work and body awareness, we will talk about bones, joints, muscles and mind. First by following some clear and precise exercises targeting some specific parts of the body, then by taking those principles into dancing.

We will work through “open forms”. By “open form” I mean exercises with clearly defined goals but in which the steps will be free and up to each participant. The workshop will be open to everyone as it is built in a way that can challenge every participant no matter their experience or background.