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BE Festival presents

Best of BE Festival 

Thursday 01st March, 8pm

BE FESTIVAL is Birmingham’s international festival of performing arts. Each year,
we package up our top 3 shows from the festival, and send them out to audiences
around the UK. This year, the Best of BE will feature 3 delicious, 30 minute samples
of mask, theatre, and circus all in one evening!
Spanish company Kulunka Teatro present André and Dorine, an old couple who are
forced to find ways to remember what once joined them together after the sudden
onset of Alzheimer’s disease – a moving story, beautifully told through full masks. In
What Does Stuff Do? Bristol based performer Robin Boon Dale will spend 30
minutes, literally, tripping his way through a part guide, part motivational speech on
juggling. Romain Teule’s show, Légende, unpacks the possibilities of language, and
plays upon the (mis)interpretation of words, with amusing results.

£10 / £8 concessions / £5 early bird (available to Mailing List Subscribers only)