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There is a rich seam of forward thinking folk and jazz music in Sheffield, which we have been very proud to support in recent seasons

 Looking slightly further afield we are delighted to bring Folkatron Sessions to Firth Hall to continue exploring this exciting scene. 

Folkatron Sessions are a collective of folk, jazz and electronic musicians from the UK and France who bonded over a love of ‘genre-bending’ [Folk Radio UK] folk music. Their ‘unique soundscape’ [Songlines Mag] refracts traditional folk through the lens of experimental and ambient electronica, bringing in jazz influences. Inhabiting soundworlds both intricate and atmospheric, and groove-based and pulsating, they blend electronics, strings, guitar and vocals for fans of Jarlath Henderson, Kan, Lau, Furrow Collective and the olllam.

Dates: Friday 6 October, 2023
Venue: Firth Hall
Time: 7:30 pm
Cost: Full £16, Concessions, Access tickets & TUoS Staff £13, Students and under 30s £7.50
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