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Regular favourites and frequent collaborators with the series, we are pleased to welcome back Mishra, innovative performers who fuse celtic folk and Indian Classical Music in flowing, joyous performances.  

Mishra are Kate Griffin (The Magpies) on banjo and vocals, Ford Collier (The Drystones) on low whistle and percussion, John Ball (Rafiki Jazz) on tabla and santoor, Joss Mann-Hazell (Auka) on double bass, and Alex Lyon on clarinets and vocals.

In 2022, Mishra met international fusion vocalist Deepa Shakthi. Out of a blossoming musical friendship, they began a collaborative project that takes the soul-stirring euphoria of Deepa’s sufi singing as a starting point, and weaves in the threads of Mishra’s UK folk and Indian classical influences to create a captivating cross-cultural sound. 

Dates: Thursday 21 March, 2024
Venue: Firth Hall
Time: 7:30 pm
Cost: Full £16, Concessions, Access tickets & TUoS Staff £13, Students and Under 30s £7.50
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