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An epic journey through our 12,000 year mutual history with birds from cave art to conservation.

From ibises mummified by Ancient Egyptians and Renaissance experiments on woodpecker anatomy to Victorian egg collectors to the present fight to save endangered species.  Weaving in stories from Tim’s life as a scientist, including far-flung expeditions to Neolithic caves in Spain and the guillemot colonies of the Faroe Islands, the book is the culmination of a lifetime’s research and unforgettably shows how birds shaped us, and how we have shaped them.

Tim Birkhead is an award winning writer, ornithologist and Emeritus Professor at the University of Sheffield.

A fascinating book about the close and often surprising relationship between birds and people, written by one of our leading ornithologists”  Stephen Moss

Dates: Saturday 14 October, 2023
Venue: Drama Studio
Time: 1:00 pm
Cost: £8/£7
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