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Our twice yearly festival of experimental electronic sound returns.

Twice a year, composers and staff from the Department of Music (and some helping hands) spend a day setting up a bespoke 360 degree dome of speakers in Firth Hall. With the lights off, this soundsystem is the perfect setup for a truly mesmerising and immersive weekend of electronically composed and crafted sound. Expect ambient music, sound art, sonic experiments, field recordings, and everything else at the cutting edge of electro-acoustic composition. Previous guests include Beatriz Ferreyra, Jonty Harrison, Hans Tutschku, Bredbeddle, Jason Sharp, Brona Martin and more.

Our special guest for our Friday concert is Portuguese composer Mariana Vieira. Her work includes acousmatic, mixed and instrumental music in solo, chamber, ensemble and orchestral settings, as well as pedagogical compositions. Her music has been performed in festivals across Europe. Expect delicate, fluttering and mechanical sounds! Mariana will be joined by some guests from the University and beyond.




Adrian Moore – Voices in the Dark – stereo

Christopher John – new work

Will Schrimshaw – Cracked and Blessed (with Clare Fisher)

Yuqi Zhou – How to move the Zoo into the studio


Mariana Vieira – solo set

Dates: Friday 1 December, 2023
Venue: Firth Hall
Time: 7:30 pm
Cost: £7 / 10
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