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The Gavin Bryars Ensemble comes to Firth Hall this autumn in celebration of the composers 80th year.

Please note this event is on 16th November 2023 – we are trying to correct a bug in our website which is displaying the wrong date.

A string quartet led by the brilliant British composer, bassist, and pianist Gavin Bryars, a University of Sheffield alumni and a tour de force of contemporary music. The ensemble will be performing repertoire old and new including his most famous programmes like the haunting “Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet” and “The Sinking of the Titanic”, as well as more recent and new pieces.

… The music of Gavin Bryars falls under no category. It is mongrel, full of sensuality and wit and is deeply moving. He is one of the few composers who can put slapstick and primal emotion alongside each other. He allows you to witness new wonders in the sounds around you by approaching them from a completely new angle. With a third ear maybe. . .” –Michael Ondaatje 


I – Instrumental, with both Jesus’ Blood and Titanic
(Chamber versions: Six Performers)

The Flower of Friendship (12’)
The Sinking of the Titanic (30’)

– Interval –

It Never Rains (5’)
Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet (25’)
Epilogue from Wonderlawn (6’)

Dates: Saturday 18 November, 2023
Venue: Firth Hall
Time: 7:30 pm
Cost: Full £17 Concessions, Access tickets & TUoS Staff £13 Students and under 30s £8.50
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