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Michael Sabbaton and Harrogate Theatre present

The Turk

Thursday 28th March, 8pm

A chilling tale of sentience, mystery and loss inspired by the original ‘thinking machine’

In 1770, a remarkable chess-playing maching was presented to the Empress of Austria. This life-sized automaton known as ‘The Turk’ was to astonish and influence the world for more than 80 years.

A key was inserted, the mechanism was wound and the in a whirring of cogs ‘The Turk’ came to like, raising its head and making its move. Historical opponents from Napoleon to Beethoven, Barnum to Benjamin Franklin were left bemused, bothered and bewildered in defeat.

This incredible invention paved the way for the future of computing, automaton, AI and even magic.

But was all really as it seemed?

Surrounded by packing crates and empty wine bottles, a dying showman reviews his life – revisiting his notorious adventures with ‘The Turk’.

Fuelled by yellow fevered madness, The Turk explores sacrifice, unfulfilled promise and the passion of the dreamer against a philosophical backdrop of life, love, and cognition.

£12 / £8 students

FREE after show ‘In Conversation With’

Audience reviews for The Turk:

“A masterful performance by a masterful actor. Atmospheric, gripping and incredibly detailed.”

“Enthralling performance and fascinating story of man and machine. Go and see!”

“Mesmerising, imaginative and creative. Wonderful stuff!”

£12 / £8 concessions

Running time 1hr 45 mins