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We are three iconic venues offering expert event management alongside our curated programmes

Welcome to Performance Venues, the home of three events spaces at The University of Sheffield where we curate a wide programme of live music and performance events to entertain and educate. Presented in three iconic venues on the University campus, The Octagon, Firth Hall and the Drama Studio, these spaces are places in the heart of the city where you can truly experience the magic of live entertainment.

We provide young people the opportunity to engage with the arts through music and performance projects and support the wider community in the realisation of their cultural presentations, providing a home in the city for creativity to flourish.

Find out more about who we are and take a closer look at our curated programmes below.


A curated series celebrating the joy and diversity of music, presenting events that have a story to tell or that draw on work happening on The University of Sheffield campus.

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New professional performances at the Drama Studio each Spring and Autumn. Be inspired by amazing new shows and extra-special workshops from incredible companies across the UK and beyond.


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