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Be inspired by amazing new shows and extra-special workshops from incredible companies across the UK and beyond.

The Enable Us Project was started in 2017. It provides a platform within the University of Sheffield Performance Venues to bring audiences, artists and the University community together to experience, inspire and be inspired by performances that stimulate thought and broaden understanding, as well as providing access to workshops, training and development.

In our twice yearly Enable US Festivals, we are enabling new and innovative performing arts companies to perform in Sheffield, companies that may not have previously had a platform to present their work in the city. The Enable US Festivals take place at the Drama Studio in Spring and Autumn. They attract a growing audience from Sheffield and beyond to enjoy performances that are new, inspiring and exciting.

Our artistic programme encourages opportunities for students at the University of Sheffield to work alongside professional arts practitioners, to develop their own creativity and to grow as individuals. We also aim to develop work based learning programmes and internships within the cultural and creative professions.

Artist Support

Read more about UCAN, Venues North and our Resident Artist Scheme

Resident Companies

Introducing our resident companies for 2022/2023.

Ticketing and FAQs

Your questions about our curated events answered!

What's On

See the current Enable US programme, visit the What’s On page.

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