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Sheffield University Wind Orchestra

A dynamic, award-winning ensemble with a passion for music

Sheffield University Wind Orchestra comprises of more than 60 skilled musicians who are passionate about performing the most exciting range of music. The orchestra gives two outstanding performances every year as part of the university’s concerts series along with a few external events such as the Weston Park May Fayre. The orchestra love to socialise after rehearsals and celebrate concert achievements, and the highlight of the year comes at the finale in June when the whole group goes on tour for five days in Europe. The last few years have seen the ensemble give stunning performances in churches, châteaux and gardens in France, The Netherlands and Germany to name but a few.


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During the COVID-19 lockdown the Orchestra performed music from The Incredibles by Michael Giacchino (arr. Bocook). The orchestra, made up of 36 musicians, and their conductor, all recorded their individual parts at home during isolation. The resulting video below was made in aid of the Sheffield Hospitals Charity. It carries out great work within all of the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, by improving the treatment of patients and supporting the NHS in Sheffield. You can find out more information here: www.sheffieldhospitalscharity.org.uk

Enjoy the performance!

Sheffield University Symphony Orchestra

Sheffield University Symphony Orchestra brings together the most talented classical musicians from different departments across the university. The orchestra performs an exciting and demanding repertoire in two concerts every year. Each semester there is a wonderful opportunity for members to conduct or compose a piece for the orchestra, or to play a solo piece with orchestral accompaniment. With an array of enticing social events on offer, from attending local concerts to an annual weekend away to the Peak district, there is also much to enjoy outside of rehearsals.

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University of Sheffield Chamber Choir

An outstanding composition of singers and friends

The University Chamber Choir consists of a friendly group of students from all departments and levels of study. The choir performs a wide range of repertoire spanning from renaissance to recent works. As the University’s official choir, they support many university events such as the service of thanksgiving. Recent tours have taken the Chamber Choir to Paris and Dublin, performing for prestigious occasions such as the mass for the liberation of Paris in Notre Dame. Away from the rehearsal room, members can take part in an exciting and inclusive social calendar, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

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Sheffield University Chamber Orchestra

Sheffield University Chamber Orchestra is an auditioned student ensemble with a membership drawn from right across the university. The core of the ensemble is a small, elite string section and single winds, with extra players drafted in as the programme requires.

New Music Ensemble

The New Music Ensemble is an elite ensemble that performs new compositions by living composers, including students, staff and guests, as well as 20th and 21st-Century repertoire. Each New Music Ensemble concert is a uniquely-curated listening experience for audiences, often featuring innovative instrumentations and uses of space. There is generally one concert per semester (early November and March) with opportunities for additional performances at external venues (e.g. DINA and Upper Chapel).

The NME lineup varies from concert to concert, depending on the selected repertoire, which includes mainly chamber music for 2-15 performers. It is an opportunity for students to explore new composers, genres, playing techniques, and ensemble formats. Performers work closely with composers and sometimes become creatively involved through improvisation or interpretation of open scores. The concerts are also a platform for solo performance of new music.

Further information for prospective players

Students interested in joining ensembles or finding out more should read our full information brochure available here.