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Performance Venues is committed to career development, and our popular internship scheme benefits current and graduating students from across the institution.

The Creative Arts Administration Development Scheme (CAADS) has now transferred across to Performance Venues’ operations and has expanded to four roles in total alongside Concerts Assistants. The roles will foster paid opportunities for student development of performing arts management and arts administration skills in a demanding, outward facing professional context.

Interns work as part of a highly skilled team, develop skills in a number of core performing arts management functional areas (marketing, operations, and artistic direction) across a range of projects and outputs. The scheme is a great way to build valuable CV points, and a number of former participants have entered employment in arts organisations throughout the UK.

What previous participants have said about CAADS

“As Concerts Intern I learnt a great deal about what goes into the running of a successful concerts series. It was an invaluable experience that I enjoyed enormously and it ignited a passion within me to make music management my career.”

“During my time as an Intern I have been able to gain an insight into the organisation behind a successful concert series and work with and alongside music professionals. I have been given the opportunity to develop skills in tasks I previously had little experience with and this has increased my confidence a great deal. The internship has been a great platform on which I hope to build professional experience in the future.”

“As the an Intern I gained experience in all the different roles involved in running a concert series, from artist liaison to hosting the front of house. I met so many interesting and important musicians who offered great insight to being a successful musician. Most importantly it helped me decide which direction to go after University, and it stands out on my CV. I really enjoyed the experience and would definitely recommend it.”

“I had previously undertaken a work experience post in the Summer, and I was drawn to the internship with the concert series because it allowed me to specialise in marketing, which I have now gone into as a career. However, the internships are also suitable for those without experience, providing a great introduction to arts administration. My experience as an intern will prove invaluable in securing a job in this area after I graduate”


Our CAADS internship roles are now closed.

This year we are running a special Social Media Audience Engagement Project for Chinese language students, details of this are forthcoming.